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Product of Andalusia
Product of Spain
Our ready-to-serve meals have been cooked by hand and packed while maintaining its characteristics and quality, in addition to have been packaged under the strictest conditions of health enforceable internationally.

Timbales and custards are preparations made for plate and decorate without more. Thus giving facilities to restorers to respond quickly wings requests from their clients.

These meals added to its quality be custom ease and represent a significant saving in stored perishables.

They are a simple solution to increase the extension of its menu without having to expose a lot of product.
The level of culinary processing of our products will never leave your kitchen into question.

Customers will know to judge that these meals were made in any restaurant of quality, because thus it is like as they have been carried out.

All our ready meals have a shelf-life of 18 months at room temperature.
Information for Restaurateurs.