Black Pudding with Pine Nuts (350gr).

Iberian Pork Cheeks with Mushroom Sauce (450gr).

Venison with Rosemary Sauce (450gr).

Beef with Almond Sauce (450gr).

“Escabeche” Iberian pork “secreto” (pork cut) (450gr).

Pork Cheeks Timbale with Tender Beans and Ham (250gr).

Pig´s Trotters Mould with Truffles(250gr).

Pork Sirloin Stuffed with Artichokes in Cheese Sauce 250gr).

Venison Timbale with Pedro Ximénez (250gr).

Bull Oxtail Timbale (250gr).

Kid with Garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (450gr).

“Escabeche” partridge (glass jar)(1unit).

Venison Confit with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Cazorla (350gr).

Wild Boar Confit with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (350gr).

Pork tenderloin preserved in extra virgin olive oil (350gr).
Shelf life: 18 months at room temperature.
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Product of Andalusia
Product of Spain